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Urinary Incontinence:

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It’s Time For a Change

You don’t have to jump, sneeze, or laugh with discretion.

You don’t have to feel trapped in a world defined by the nearest restroom.

You don’t have to live with the symptoms of Urinary Incontinence.

Urinary Incontinence: To Surgery or Not To Surgery?

Depending on the severity, Urinary Incontinence can be treated several ways and you may have both surgical and non-surgical options. Before you go below the belt, talk with your doctor to determine which treatment is right for you.

Stress Incontinence Treatment Options

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Non-Surgical Options
  • Pelvic Floor exercises (Kegels)
  • Physical therapy and biofeedback
  • Vaginal pessaries
  • Injectable bulking agents-gel-like materials that are used to bulk or fill out the tissues surrounding the urethra to provide additional support during physical activity
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Minimally Invasive Surgical Options
  • Tension free mid-urethral slings - a small strip or sling of synthetic flexible material that becomes integrated in tissue and forms a “hammock of support” under the urethra
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Surgical Options
  • Bladder neck suspensions-surgery that helps place a sagging bladder back into its normal position
  • Marshall Marchetti Krantz procedure (MMK) - surgery where the tissue around the urethra is lifted and stitched to the bone in the front part of the pelvis and to tissue behind the abdominal wall
  • Burch colposuspension - surgery that lifts the bladder neck to the strong ligaments on the pelvic bones using sutures

Urge Incontinence Treatment Options

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Non-Surgical Options
  • Lifestyle changes like pelvic floor exercise and diet change
  • Physical therapy
  • Oral medications
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Minimally Invasive Options
  • BotoxTM injections
  • Tibial nerve stimulation (PTNS)
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Surgical Options
  • Sacral nerve stimulation (SNS)

Mixed Incontinence Treatment Options

May involve treatment options for both stress and urge incontinence

Do unexpected leaks interfere with day-to-day activities?

Watch a simple explanation of SUI and potential treatment options.

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